All about year 2015!


Hey ladies

2015! What a year…the year that i have grown into motherhood, met so many amazing people, the year my grandmother passed away, the year that has given me a lot of creative opportunities, a year of ups and some downs. This blog has been here for me when life got too stressful, to hard and too overwhelming and it has been great to write, type and talk to an audience of people from all over the world who share my passion.

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Posh and Spicy Reader survey

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Hey ladies

There are now quite a few people who visit my blog, but besides the lovely comments and support ( which i love) , I really have no clue who you all are. I feel like you are my anonymous friends whom i share things with but heck i have no idea who you actually are. lol Anyways, I put together a reader survey that will help me get to know what super girls are hanging out here and what YOU like about this site. You know, so I can make it even more exciting for you! And no it is nothing like one of those endless checkbox surveys you used to take in college. It’s short and sweet 🙂  It probably won’t take you more than one minute to finish. But hey one minute is expensive these days so i would really love you immensly if you decide to spend it on my little survey.

I will share the outcomes in a later post so you all get to benefit in reading what everyone is up to. Do not miss out on the fun and lets get to know each other 🙂


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How to get beauty brands to collab with you


Hey Ladies

As i am a total beauty freak and i love all things revolving skin care, cosmetics and makeup my dream was always to get brands to send me stuff as a PR sample and i get to take loooots of pictures and post them on my blog and instagram. That dream has actually become reality lately and i am super thrilled that my work ethics worked out. So i wanted to share them with you ladies so you each get an opportunity and a better understanding on how to get beauty brands or any brand to collab with you. Continue reading

Sunday Diary #1

Hey Ladies 

Oh sunday how i love this day. It is the one day where my tiny family gets to be together all day. There is no work, no dropping off at babysitter, no rushing, no stressing, it’s just sunday! I usually use this day to tackle a lot of things on my to do list like laundry, hanging up all cothes that piled up on my chair during the week, cleaning the diaper bag, grocery order etc. We always try to do stuff and go out if the weather permits. It is a bit hard to drive and find parking here in the city and my kiddo despises the car….so it is a challenge to come up with a plan. Today we went to the Brooklyn bridge park and walked a bit around the residential area to enjoy the beautiful weather. I adore architectural buildings with nice gardens and steps and we really were able to just relax and enjoy. So i have this new series planned on my blog where i just randomly chit-chat about what i have been reading, eating, watching etc. the past week. I always loved reading other people’s lists so i have decided to make my own. Continue reading

Hot to disconnect to connect

connect to disconnect

Hey ladies

Today i have a bit of a more complex post for you, something to think about, something that might change the way you see your life. It’s nothing new that social media and tech has officially taken over our lives. Although i fairly believe in taking nice pictures and sharing your highlights of your life, there is nothing wrong with it, but there is a fine line where one could be consumed by constantly checking up on the validation of others and how others will judge your highlights and nice pictures. There are a few things to have in mind and some steps to follow which i think will make your life more present rather than spaced out and tech consumed. Continue reading

October Favorites

October Favorites

Hey Ladies

I can’t believe that it’s almost till a year has passed by. October was a pretty nice month here in N.Y with gorgeous weather and cozy times. We got to go pumpkin picking and enjoy some nature before it gets too cold. I have got a lot of PR sample reviews to cover and tons of new exciting things that i planned for this blog. Let me just say that i am really thankful for all of you who follow me and my blog. It’s great to have you here. Ok let me narrow it down to just a few things that i loved this month, even though my october favorites is a loooooong list of goodies. Continue reading

12 things you must do before fall is over

Hey ladies  

I think we all pretty much agree that fall is one awesome season. Whether you look forward to more chilly das or you just can’t wait to break out your capes and blanket scarf collection after a sweltering summer, you’ve got to admit it: fall is the best.
The months of October and November give us so many things to look forward to, from holidays, to pretty weather, to family time and some cozy at home snuggle sessions with a good book, Netflix, or your loved one. But we all know nothing stays forever ( i learnt that when my baby finally started sleeping through the night and i saw the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 And so we should not let fall pass us without us ticking of some most do’s. Here is what is on my list: Continue reading

chic lifestyle stationeries with Paper Provision and my gift to you


Hey ladies

I know this has been a looooong break and i truly hope you girls still all have my back. It has been the holidays, back to work, daily schedules with some visit to the doctor with my little one and on and on. But that still does not mean i have not been brainstorming and gathering lots of new and exciting projects and content.
I collaborated with the amazing Cathy, the Boss Woman behind Paper Provision, check her website out and you will be hooked as much as i was.
I first met Cathy through her Instagram account and i was so smitten by her effortlessly stylish stationery line. I immediately had to get my hands on these beauties and so we formed a collaboration. Continue reading



Hey Ladies

Again it has been one of those weeks were time just flew by and suddenly it is Monday again. Since it is labor day, i have got some me time so i thought of catching up with you guys and chatting a bit about life. With the NYC Fashion-week coming up,  life finally starting to get back to normal schedule and our Jewish new years holidays around the corner, i am one busy stressed out person. Honestly how to people manage it all…
My 9 month old started to turn from baby into toddler, and all i do is try to catch up with him before he turn the house up side down. I love being a mom but in all honesty sometimes it is a real big challenge.

This weekend, the lovely Lexie from IllustratedTeacup was so cute by taging me in the #SelfLoveChallenge13 Tag that has been making its way round the blogging world. It has beeen a long time since i have made a tag post so i figured why not today.
The concept is short and sweet, you share thirteen things you love about your life and yourself, without worrying about being seen as “selfish” or “full of yourself”. Lately with so much Self-portraying in the social media, our actual self-worth got lost somewhere. I believe in loving yourself and liking what you have got but not excessively flaunting it out there.
So let’s get to it. Continue reading

What i am looking forward to this fall season


It is 1st of September and fall season has officially started. Even though it is 93 degrees outside and all i could think of right now is to jump into the next pool, i still have some fall excitement going on. It has been a hot summer and having some breezy weather is pretty welcoming right now. From fashion to beauty there are some exciting upcoming things this season that i can’t wait to try out.  Continue reading

My Social Media Updates

Hey Ladies

It has been such fun couple of days getting to know you all more on the social media platforms, so i figured i will share with you all my current ones so that we could all connect and share. If anyone of you wants to connect comment below all your social media so we could all benefit from it.  Continue reading

I’m Lovin #2

Hey Ladies 

It is finally Friday…whohooo i actually survived this week with no babysitter, no break and no vacation. kuddos to me:) Summer is definitely coming to an end here in NYC. More and more streets are full with leaves which gives me a bit of nostalgia but each season has its own pros and cons. So here is what i am lovin this week. Oh on a side note i finally decided to open a Twitter account, total newbie but come follow me HERE.
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How to carry around less

Hey ladies

We all have the pretty much the same thing in common, we carry around huge handbags with everything but the kitchen sink in it. Although a big tote was once the coolest thing, nowadays the It girls walk around in just mini bags and clutches. At first i was like how am i supposed to fit in all i need in a 2 by 2 inch bag? But once you actually get used to just taking what you need its going to feel pretty cool not to mention lighter;) Continue reading

Sunday Musings: 4 Things Blogging Has Taught Me

Hey my ladies

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and have been able to catch up with some chores like i did. I love that feeling of accomplishment after a nice clean up and organizing, what better way to start a fresh week. So for today i have decided to write a bit about the blogging world and what i have learnt from it so far, to give to those who think of starting a blog an idea if what it means. And those of you who are blogging i am sure you could relate to some of those things.  Continue reading

What I’m Lovin #1

Hey Ladies,

I hope you have had a lovely week so far. I am starting a new weekly series on my blog. Every Thursday i will be posting my current things that i love or got inspired by that week. So here goes.

My Skin

My Skin really gave me a run for my money. I had a never ending teenage phase with a lot of breakouts, dry patches, oily T-Zone….all the good things, until i really got down with it and stuck to my daily cleansing routine. Now finally it is showing results and i am loving it. I will make sure to post about my routine and the little things that helped improve my skin.

Fall 2015

As the end of summer is approaching i am sure a lot of us are dreading getting all wrapped up again. But just looking at some amazing Pre-fall fashion i could get excited about starting to actually get dressed and not run out in a Tshirt with sneakers, because it is too hot for anything else. This picture is from the Rocksanda Fall Season.


I stumbled upon this store in SOHO that sells their home-made soaps, scrubs, lotions and all the things that a girl needs to pamper herself. I totally fell in love with their line and store and will make sure to pop in once in while. To check it out click HERE

My 8 month old cookie monster

As a first time mom every milestone is like a big party. My son started to eat finger-food and it is the cutest thing. I love seeing him get all dirty and sticky but so loving the cookie. Best thing that happened this week by far 🙂

Stay tuned for my awesome Giveaway ladies and let me know what inspired you this week.

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