Guest Post: Cute Ways to Display Jewelry – By Nina Berenato


Hi Ladies,

It is Monday again, a new week and a new month. So many exciting new things are happening. First of all i picked a winner for my Giveaway and it is Dawn Shaaf from Congratulations sweety!
Second i got some pretty goodies from Covergirl, they are promoting there new line of Mascara and i got to try it out before it hit the market… geeee that was so exciting receiving that PR box! To have a peek, go to my Instagram account @poshndspicy
Today’s post is written by Nina from all about modern home ideas and inspiration. Check them out and follow on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
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How to take your bedroom to the next level

Hey ladies,

Spring, what a great season. After a long winter, spring is like a total motivational season, that makes you change, clean and renew lots of your personal stuff. There is a reason why it is called spring cleaning. So let’s talk about how to change your bedroom for the better. For me personally, the bedroom is the most important room. It is the place where i rest, recharge, sleep, get dressed, read, chill etc. That is why it is very important for me that it should be a clean, modern, quiet look. I don’t like too much stuff going on. I would start with a white, beige, or grey base and built up the look by putting some accents in a different color. Here is what is important. Continue reading

My 10 favorite Coffee Table Books

It is starting to become a long, cold and very dreary Winter. Which is the perfect excuse to curl up on your couch and read some of my favorite coffee table books. Not only are they Interesting, gorgeous and fashion-focused, they also instantly make your living room look much more chic and they are a great source of conversation and fashion chatter. When it comes to glossy books illustrating all things fashion i could spent hours reading and flipping through those amazing pages full of eye candy. Continue reading

How to renew your home office

Hey my lovely’s

After  a week of being sick in bed, im happy to be back to myself and my blogging. Since my days of moving out of my house and to a different country is coming closer, sunday has become a day of clearing out stuff.
While doing that, my mind and thought were wondering to a new vision of my own apartement/ space i can call my own. Since 2104 is around the door, i thought maybe a few of you might want to put on your “new years resolution” list a point called – rearranging my home. Continue reading

Golden Attitude

Hi everyone

Today i chose a title mixed with lots of interpetation. First and formost i chose “gold” since it represents light,warmth, glamour and passion. Tonight the “festivel of lights” start which represent warmth,spirituality and light.  Besides that, it is a time of lighting up the dark and remembering that miracles actually DO happen! It reminds us to have that little “Golden attitude” in our life, to always remember to never give up hope even when the days are cold and dark.
Golden Attitude means:
Shine, and sparkle and spread your warmth and your love
Believe in miracles and they will happen
Take a moment to appreciate the gift of light and life itself
Light up your life by sharing time with your  friends and being a good friend at the same time
Do not be afraid to bring your own unique light into the world
Remember that even the smallest flame of hope has the power to illuminate the deepest darkness Continue reading

Finely Feathered

Good day to all,

It is truly a trend alert- Feathers! I happen to be the more minimal, keep it down kinda girl, but feathers truly speak to me. Now nobody said you will have to wear a whole bunch of feathers all over your body, after all you do not want to be an image of a bird. If you choose to go with this awesome trend, try to keep the rest very simple. Feathers do give a lightweighted and free feeling everytime you move, they move lovingly with you.
Feathers also have something pompous to it, and is great for someone who want’s to go all the way. I happen to try on a feather skirt last week, and loved the look on myself. it’s something quiet special and interesting for a fresh change. Check out the pictures to see for yourself. I have also come across some fabulous table settings all in feather theme. Now that the festival of lights are coming up and with it lots of parties and decorations, try this cheap and very effective decor style. It’s cheaper than flowers and really has a wow-effect

Check it out:






and here is my skirt. buy this skirt HERE

photo 1(4)

photo 2(5)

photo 4(3)

Here are the feather deco styles.






Hope you enjoy your monday:)
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