All about year 2015!


Hey ladies

2015! What a year…the year that i have grown into motherhood, met so many amazing people, the year my grandmother passed away, the year that has given me a lot of creative opportunities, a year of ups and some downs. This blog has been here for me when life got too stressful, to hard and too overwhelming and it has been great to write, type and talk to an audience of people from all over the world who share my passion.

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My Experience with NYC’s Top Eyelash Extension Artist

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Hey Ladies

I am all for new adventures and most of all for beauty adventures. This one was sure an amazing one. I got invited by a lovely PR management to try out eyelash extensions by the famous Eye Lash Master, Clementina Richardson. Now let me tell you more about her since her work is so great because of who she is and what she stands for.

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My 7 Beauty Resolutions i will try to keep

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Hey Ladies

I know we still have 8 days to go but hey you are never to late to start improving. 2016, a new year to change and do things differently. So i have put down 7 points for you and me that i will try to keep doing till the end, unlike those many very inspiring but very hard resolutions that somehow keep fading into thin air. So instead of talking about first about all the high goals ( still coming up ) that i have set myself, i will talk about the small easy things that are actually manageable. Continue reading

How to captivate youthful skin



Hey Ladies

Have you been wondering why some of your friends might look younger than they really are? Do you have minor wrinkles that bother you? Just the other day a really young looking friend of mine said she wishes she could do something about the deep wrinkle between her forehead, and you know what? there are so many options out there! We are just sometimes afraid of the concept of tampering with our skin. Wrinkles and skin sags can be very annoying. They can even make some people embarrassed to go out in public. Well, if you have those skin issues there are actually a lot of ways to reverse those signs of aging. But before you can pick an anti-aging method you need to really understand your skin.  Continue reading

How to update your makeup bag for fall

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Hey ladies

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. There is more of everything. More colors, more clothes and more makeup. Since the change of season brings both wardrobe and beauty updates alike i will help you with some basic tips to get your make up bag up to date.  Continue reading

My favorite drugstore beauty products


Hey Ladies

We all love to get our hands on some expensive make up products. But sometimes they are just a tad bit overpriced for the results they are giving. Getting that perfect find for less gives me such a high. So here a roundup of some of my favorites drugstore products that i believe are as good as the high-end makeup products. Continue reading

My favorite go to eye palette and review


Hey ladies

I am a bit embarrassed that it has been such a long time since i have posted. Time really slipped through my fingers these past couple of days and blogging was being pushed back in my huge mess of a mind. I really hope you still all pop in once in a while and read my blabbering.
I asked you ladies once what is your favorite beauty post and a lot of you answered reviews.  SOooo for today’s post i have got my first review ever..!!
And i chose my eye palette that i recently purchased and totally fell in love with. Continue reading

Guest Post: How to build up your makeup – By Molly


Hey Ladies

Today i have got something really special for you make up gurus. I recently met Molly over Instagram who launched her own make up line more than a year ago. She is super sweet and sent me some of her products to try which i absolutely fell in love with ( check my Instagram feed ). On a spontaneous note we thought of her guest blogging here at posh and spicy and i couldn’t be more thrilled to have her on board.
If you want to be a guest blogger click here for more information.
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My Favorite Face and Body oils

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Hey Ladies

Today has been a stressful day and a very loooong day. Do you know that feeling when you are still laying in bed at the crack of dawn and dreaming about being back in bed at the end of the day? Well i have finally made it here and i am excited to have some relaxing time to post. So for today i have chosen my favorite oils that i use. Oils have made a big comeback and more and more people realize the big benefits from them. It is very multipurpose and can be used for many different skin types.
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My tips on how to achieve clearer skin

Hey Ladies 

Waking up with a giant zit on our cheeks is something we all fear of. And it happens.Often. So here are my tips to reduce these chances of surprise, that i actually followed through and got great results. My skin, is a skin of a teenager and those few steps that i took made a real big difference. So here goes: Continue reading

My Top 4 End of Summer Moisturizers

Hello Ladies

First of all congratulations to Joanna from Pores for Thoughts for winning my Giveaway!! It was a great way to find out what you ladies would love to read and discuss.
As the end of summer is nearing and after endless hours in the sun mixed with water and other exposures your face needs extra care. Moisturizing makes sure your skin does not dry out and gives it extra fluff to be as smooth and healthy looking as possible. So here are my top 4 favorite moisturizer’s that i use on a daily basis. Continue reading

5 products you must try this month

Hey Ladies

As a new month just started and i have not done a July favorites i thought of posting some of my products that i think you should give a try. Lately i am all into skincare since i believe that If your skin is healthy and vibrant there is no need for a lot of make up. And who doesn’t want to just look like “i just woke up like this”. So here goes. Continue reading

GIVEAWAY: Win a Luxury Vita Liberata Self Tanner


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This loooong awaited Giveaway is finally here. Due to my awesome 400 followers (!!!) I will give you all a chance to win a Luxury Self tanner that is being sold for 54$.
This amazing pHenO2 technology encourages a tan that lasts up to four times longer than regular tans with a patch-free, perfect fade while certified organic botanicals and moisture locking technology give 72-hour hydration. Sounds great no?
This Giveaway is open internationally so all of you beauty buddies all over the world have a chance to win.

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Thank you all for being my fellow readers and good luck to you all 🙂
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Matte Vs. Dewy / Which type are you?

Hey Ladies,

The world of beauty could sometimes be really overwhelming. Once you finally mastered the skills to contouring suddenly there is this new thing called strobbing. A matte finish was always praised till the dewy look came around. There is this constant shifting, which for me makes beauty so much more interesting and dynamic. But sometimes you could lose your place in it so it is very important to know what suits your skin the best, what are your no-go’s, what brings out the best features etc. So today it is all about finding out if you are a dewy or a matte type. Continue reading

What’s in my on the go make up bag


Hey Ladies,

We are all short on time i believe, especially those mommy’s out there that are juggling everything all at once. So i believe it is important to have that little beauty pouch full of two in one make up products and minis that you just grab on the way out, so you could catch up on your make up whenever you want. Here is a sneak peek into my beauty bag that i take along wherever i go. Continue reading