My Experience with NYC’s Top Eyelash Extension Artist

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Hey Ladies

I am all for new adventures and most of all for beauty adventures. This one was sure an amazing one. I got invited by a lovely PR management to try out eyelash extensions by the famous Eye Lash Master, Clementina Richardson. Now let me tell you more about her since her work is so great because of who she is and what she stands for.

Behind the face of envious lashes

When i spoke to Clementina Richardson the founder of Envious Lashes about her business her passion is infectious. Clementina is one of the first ones in the field of eyelash styling. Her passion turned her talent into a true art form and in 2011 Clementina opened her own beautiful boutique salon on 5th Ave in Manhattan. Since then she has built up an incredible list of international and celebrity clientele, including Mary J Blige, Kate Capshaw and Nicole Baharie among many who keep coming back again and again for her amazing personalized attention and artistry and i know now why.

What to expect

Your first appointement consist of a thorough consultation where everything from your eye shape, natural lashes and even the way you wear your make up will be discussed. Clemmy will personally tell you what will enhance your eyes the most. More volume, thicker or longer. She pin points exactly what your lashes are missing and what is the best way to enhace them. Now let me tell you, i first thought oh big deal; what will lashes already do to my face but i was seriously blown away by the big impact it had on my overall look. It is way better than mascara and way more effective.

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Me after the process

How it works

If you are thinking of hot glue, or lazer or any kind of weird stuff you are all wrong. After Clemmy tells you what look suits you most, you could then sit back and relax and let her do the magic. Synthetic, mink or silk fibers are then applied strand to strand of your natural lashes. So nothing to do with your eye lid.


Before and After

The Results

The feeling you get when you look into the mirror after the process is done is priceless. I felt like a little girl jumping up and down! the fact that now you could actually post that “i woke up like this” picture without applying makeup is amazing. My eyes are popping up and looking brighter and bigger, and who does not want that! i did not feel a thing and still my face changed in a matter of an hour.

I am in love with this phenomenal beauty enhancement and i will make sure to drag my whole family over there. If you live in NYC than check out to book an appointement or if you ever come to visit 🙂


Have you ever done eyelash extensions? Whats the last big beauty adventure you did? Whats on your beauty bucket list?

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Happy New Year

Toby x

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