My 7 Beauty Resolutions i will try to keep

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Hey Ladies

I know we still have 8 days to go but hey you are never to late to start improving. 2016, a new year to change and do things differently. So i have put down 7 points for you and me that i will try to keep doing till the end, unlike those many very inspiring but very hard resolutions that somehow keep fading into thin air. So instead of talking about first about all the high goals ( still coming up ) that i have set myself, i will talk about the small easy things that are actually manageable.

So here goes:


Your face is very delicate and has to be treated as such. That is why whenever you are in the sun, does not matter if winter or summer you should wear sunny’s and protect your skin with suntan-lotion or a foundation that contains SPF. We all love to tan and feel the sun in our face, but for the long run, it is very unhealthy. Your skin will get wrinkles much faster if exposed to too much sun and not to mention all the many health risks.


This is an easy one! Keep that smile on your face, even if you do not feel like it. Studies have shown, those that smile look healthier and eventually feel better too. It is an instant face-lift, without chemical injections. As the saying goes ” a smile is the best make up a girl could wear ”

clean make up

This is a must and i am so bad at this. Your makeup brushes go on your skin, several times a day, and absorb all the dirt, and stuff that lingers on your skin. So you want to make sure they are cleaned regularly. Especially if you are acne prone, you should make an effort to keep cleaning them, since you do not want more oil excess and dirt on your skin.


Enough with the conditioners, hair sprays, mouse ,serum, gel and the many other things we put into our hair. Give them a break with just regular shampoo and a cold rinse. your hair will thank you for it. If you blow dry them regularly, try air drying for a few days, the hot air makes them brittle and flat.


Make up has an expiration date like all the other products out there and it comes a time where you gotta let them go. Go through your make up kit and give it a spring cleaning and if you’re at it you could organize and arrange your stuff nicely, which gives it a fresh exciting feeling.

beauty sleep

Sleep is as important to your skin as the right color make up foundation. Get the right amount of sleep you need. Make sure when you sleep, all your electronics are put away, ( not under your pillow!!) and that you are in a quiet, airy room. The quality of your sleep makes a big difference in how rested you will feel afterwards. After all there is a reason why they call it beauty sleep.

lip color

Last but not least, be bold and buy yourself one color lipstick that is a little bit more daring and different. It will give your face a fresh, new and exciting look. Keep it next to you so you could always use it as an instant fresh up. Bold is beautiful:)


What are your beauty resolutions this year? which number will you focus on the most? Any beauty resolutions you would like to add?

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Happy Holidays

Toby x

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