How to style a sweater, street style worthy.


Hey Ladies

It has been a crazy week so far for me starting off with me quitting my daily job! Yes this is definitely a #girlboss moment and i have decided that i am just not the person who could sit in an office an wither away, there is more to me than that. Even though i have a family to think of and it is a bit of a risk right now, i feel great about my decision and am lucky enough to have support for it. I am looking forward to working more on my blog, be more interactive and expand it to something bigger. It is great to have you all as my followers that i will take along on this journey. Stay tuned…
Now let’s talk fashion! My favorite topic 🙂
Sweaters are one of my favorite clothing items out there, hands down. They are comfy, solid and delightful and with the right styling a sweater combo could make you feel like a street style star! I always pair it with skirts which is the best sweater combo out there and what better way to get our styling on point then getting some inspiration from the street style stars itself.


1. Stick to one color

when pairing things together it does not mean they have to be in two different colors. Going monochrome gives it a more sophisticated look.


2. Layer with a blouse

I am a huge fan of layering! Layering a blouse underneath your sweater will make it look preppy and chic. It is great for office girls who might get warm and want to take the sweater off. More on layering HERE


3. Play with proportions

This one is my favorite! Wear a big slouchy sweater over a girly flirty skirt to give it a sweet and comfy twist.


4. Be bold

Try different textures and color together, you will be surprised at the great outcome


5. Add accessories

You could never go wrong with some bold jewelry and the right kinda shoes. Adding accessories will give your style a personal touch.


What is your favorite look? How do you wear your favorite sweater?

I always love hearing from you and i hope you can play around with those tips and maybe even have a few more outfit options as a result.

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Warmest Wishes,


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