How to last through a party with flawless makeup


Hey Ladies

So since many of you are interested in more beauty related topics i have chosen to write about how to last through those party nights, or a long day at work without having those mirror freak out wondering where your lipstick disappeard to. Your face does not have to show how exhausting or stressed you are and by creating a long-lasting look you will spend more time in the moment and less time in the mirror 🙂 

Prime and blott

For me the worst beauty freakout is when i see my T-Zone getting all oily and my foundation half gone. So to avoid that wrong kind of shine it is important to prime your face so that the foundation really gets on your skin and stays there. I use smooth affair for oily skin primer from Jane iredale. Before you head out quickly blott your face with some powder or blotting papers. Try pure pressed base mineral foundation


Use smudge proof/ water proof

Nothing screams “I’m tired” like smeared eyeliner. To ensure that your eyes are still smizing use waterproof mascara and luckily your eye liner is super-easy to fix with smudge-proof formulas. Tip: Using white eyeliner on your lower lashline makes your eyes look larger and brighter.

Creme over powder

Creme will last longer than powder. So opt for creme blushes and creme eyeshadow. I currently love the liquid shadow from wander beauty. When choosing blush, go for a more subtle color since creme is more pigmented, you do not want to look like your cheeks are on fire.


Seal your lips

Lip color is always first to disappear from your look. When i take a sip of my coffee in the A.M. there’s usually more color on my cup than my pout. Try sealing your lips by dabbing some lose powder on them and then reapplying lipstick. I swear it works! Tip: Matte lipsticks tend to last longer than glossy ones. For extra bold and long lasting, simply fill your lips with just lipliner. Try Karen Murell lipstick in shade true love

Spray, Set and go

Last but not least do not leave the house without setting your makeup. A makeup spray will seal the deal. I use Fix make up by clarins , it prolongs its hold, while providing a feeling of instant freshness and well-being.


What are your tips for long lasting makeup? Do you have any amazing products that you would like to share? Always love chatting with you 🙂

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Happy Holidays!

22 thoughts on “How to last through a party with flawless makeup

  1. Samantha says:

    Whenever I go to a party, I take my matte setting powder with me in my clutch – that way I can just go and touch up in the bathroom throughout the night and stay looking great and feeling great about my look!!

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