5 tips for the ultimate shopping experience

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Hey Ladies

We all love shopping and we all love clothing but sometimes it is hard to find that perfect shape, color or size and we get frustrated. Shopping could be fun but it could sometimes turn out to be a hassle. Waiting in line, trying on multiple clothing pieces only to through it on the “no good’ pile, finding what we had in mind and so many other things could make shopping turn from pleasure into a total headache. Here are 5 tips to help you score all the things you need in your next shopping spree. 

1. Make a list

Especially now that sale is going on everywhere we could so easily get side tracked of what we actually need. I hate that feeling coming home with lot’s of shopping bags only to realize that half the things are not my type, size, color and feeling unaccomplished. So first go through your closet, write down what you need to match, add or renew so that you have a focus point to start off from.

2. Wear comfy clothes

One of the most important thing is too feel comfy when you shop. Which means no heavy clothing, big chunky necklaces, heavy handbags, high heels or anything that could bother you. I personally love to just wear a simple T shirt so that when i change it won’t take me years to get back dressed. On a side note: wear your best fitted undergarment. Badly fitting garments can make you look 3 times bigger. It will make you feel more confident if underneath that dress you want, everything fits perfectly.

3. Know your style 

Sometimes we could get sidelined by all the magazines and advertisements and go on a trend hunt and snap whatever is In style. Most of the times they will not suit you or make you feel comfortable. The key is to really know yourself and what will make you feel great. Start with things you already wore and add a few trend pieces. A midi skirt to a already worn top or a accessory piece to take it up a notch.



4. Know your shape

If you know your body shape you will not waste time trying endless amount of clothing only to realize they make you look like a walking tent.
Ladies with no waist should not wear crop tops or dresses that that are cut in the middle. Ladies who have hips should go for more straight cuts rather than flary. Know your body and you will end up looking amazing even in a 20$ outfit.

5. Be honest with yourself

I always tell myself that if i have to think about a certain piece, it means it is probably not for me. If you fall in love with something than buy it, wear it and enjoy it. If you have to start taking pictures and asking your friends for approval you should better leave it at the store. Be honest about what you really need or what you just need because everyone else has it. A piece of clothing you end up buying should bring out YOUR style not someone else’s.

Most of all do not forget to have fun! And hey a splurge here and there is not a crime but all for the right reasons.
What are your shopping tips? Have you ever felt frustrated after shopping? What are your dilemmas and how did you solve them? Any recent
#feelingawesome purchases?


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Warm wishes,

Toby xx

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