How to get beauty brands to collab with you


Hey Ladies

As i am a total beauty freak and i love all things revolving skin care, cosmetics and makeup my dream was always to get brands to send me stuff as a PR sample and i get to take loooots of pictures and post them on my blog and instagram. That dream has actually become reality lately and i am super thrilled that my work ethics worked out. So i wanted to share them with you ladies so you each get an opportunity and a better understanding on how to get beauty brands or any brand to collab with you.

Numbers do not mean anything

The idea that you must have 10k followers on your blog or social media in order for brands to be interested in you is total crap! Now that we settled that we could start in optimizing what you already have. Yes, it gives you more leverage if you have a large audience, but most brands also look at engagement — not just numbers! If you’re still working on your first few hundred followers but you have lots of comments, feedback and social media shares, you are good to go.

Search for companies that fit your blog theme

I personally have an all in one kind of blog so i picked what i actually am passionate about. If you love paper works and arts then go in that direction, if you are a beauty blogger go for the beauty brands etc. Once you figured out what you want and what fits in your overall theme then you could start researching companies.

How to contact brands

Instagram became my main source of contact. If i saw products from a company that i like, i then looked in their profile for their website and headed over. Think a bit outside of the box and aim for more smaller brands or up-and-coming brands that would love the organic exposure that a feature on a blog can offer. I’ve found that these types of companies are easier to partner with because there is less of a big company chain you need to fight through to find the right person to contact.

What to write in your email

Go under contacts and click on the email info. Some brands have already reassigned Blog/PR email address which is great. If you see a first name, always start your email with the name, this gives it a more personal approach. Keep it short!

  1. Intro about you and your blog (one to two lines
  2. Why you love their brand and products
  3. What you want to do with their product (blog post, shout out, giveaway, pictures, etc.)
  4. Sign off with links to your social media platforms and Blog URL

What worked for me

Whenever i got a sample i replied to them with a thank you email and sent them a link to my post, like this you stay in their mind a bit.

Every picture i took on Instagram i tagged every single item to the matching company. Many times they reply or they repost your picture which gives you great exposure.

Make sure the pictures you take are high quality, clear and nicely done. Companies want to see how you interpreted their products in a professional way.

Keep Going

Most brands will at least respond to your initial email, but do not get discouraged if they say no, most of them say yes! It’s just a matter of finding the ones that are a great fit. Make a pre made email so that you could send out to several companies until you’re able to land your first collaboration.

Good luck! Have you ever been able to collaborate? What are your tips? What things worked for you?
Let me hear if i was able to help you out a bit and feel free to ask me questions 🙂

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warm wishes,

42 thoughts on “How to get beauty brands to collab with you

  1. everythingnothin says:

    This is a fantastic post. After the crazy holidays are over, I am totally going to sit down and use all these tips to reach companies. This is such an amazing post love!! I shared this to twitter because I want more people to read this! I can’t wait to start emailing companies after the holidays. I would do it now but with my actual job and blogging reviews, I am out of time haha. I am saving this post to make sure I remember to reread it after the holidays. I can’t wait to start emailing and collaborating.

    My tips are to join blogging networks. That is what I have done so far and have reached many companies that way. However, I love this approach and will be trying this too.

    Thanks so much love again. You are amazing!!!!

    • Toby says:

      Thank you for this lovely comment! i know it tends to get busy now with the holidays but many companies have special gifts now and might be interested in collaboration. An email never hurts:) which blgging networks did you join? xx

  2. Karen Rees says:

    Superb post huni – wonderful tips, particularly for those new to approaching companies!! Invaluable advice huni 🙂 Hope you’re keeping as well as can be lovely lady ❤ Karen XXXXXXXX

  3. kelifornia79 says:

    Thanks for the great advice! I recently had a company contact me but did not feel they were a great fit for my Instagram or blog…still contemplating this one. Sent an inquiry on IG to another brand and they asked me to email so wish me luck!

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