October Favorites

October Favorites

Hey Ladies

I can’t believe that it’s almost till a year has passed by. October was a pretty nice month here in N.Y with gorgeous weather and cozy times. We got to go pumpkin picking and enjoy some nature before it gets too cold. I have got a lot of PR sample reviews to cover and tons of new exciting things that i planned for this blog. Let me just say that i am really thankful for all of you who follow me and my blog. It’s great to have you here. Ok let me narrow it down to just a few things that i loved this month, even though my october favorites is a loooooong list of goodies.

Make up

First and foremost i received two wander beauty creme eye-shadows, which you just have to swoosh on your eyelids and it stays there for the rest of the day. I am so in love with them. I got them in champagne and bronze. Perfect for those who do not have much time getting ready in the morning, like me.
The elf eye shadow palette still remains in my top palettes that i use everyday. To read the review click HERE

Skin Care

I am a sucker for face masks these days, and i am a huge fan of the Kat Burki Antioxidant face mask. It smells divine and even though it really removes dead skin cells and makes my skin look clean and fresh it is a very light mask, not like those mud masks that you have to slack on your face.
Another face mask that i use often is from the Sephora masks collection called pearl sleeping mask. It is just 4$, and what i like is that you use it and throw it out. There is the perfect amount for your entire face and gives your nights a needed pampering feeling.
It is lip-balm season and my favorite is the Smith’s Rosebud in minted rose. The mint makes your lips feel cool and prickly which i love.


I so generously received this amazing Perfume bottle from Frau Tonis Parfum. Check out their fragrance line it is very unique and their scents are one in a million. This one is number 58 Tulip and it became my signature fragrance these days.


I finally ordered myself a big fat agenda from A beautiful mess. Hopefully now i will be more organized and on top of things. I love the layout of it and it has a very simple clean look. I want to really plan things ahead of the game and have things written down, there is just too much my head has to memorize. Planning really helps my days not to get out of control, especially with a baby and balancing work.

So that is that, i would love to hear your favorites and what you were up to this month.
Before you continue your day of chores and work, hop over to my Instagram account @poshndspicy and enter this amazing Loop Giveaway. Fingers crossed and good luck 🙂


Whats your favorite beauty stash these days? Have you tried something new? Did you accomplish something in October? Let me hear your thoughts 🙂

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Warm wishes,


18 thoughts on “October Favorites

  1. Lauren @ Lauren, Etc. says:

    I love sleeping masks! I’ve used the Sephora pearl sheet mask, but I haven’t explored their other options yet. Right now I’m using Beautycounter’s Nourishing Cleansing Balm once a week as an overnight mask. My skin is so hydrated and radiant when I wake up, I love it!

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