12 things you must do before fall is over

Hey ladies  

I think we all pretty much agree that fall is one awesome season. Whether you look forward to more chilly das or you just can’t wait to break out your capes and blanket scarf collection after a sweltering summer, you’ve got to admit it: fall is the best.
The months of October and November give us so many things to look forward to, from holidays, to pretty weather, to family time and some cozy at home snuggle sessions with a good book, Netflix, or your loved one. But we all know nothing stays forever ( i learnt that when my baby finally started sleeping through the night and i saw the light at the end of the tunnel 🙂 And so we should not let fall pass us without us ticking of some most do’s. Here is what is on my list:

1. Enjoy the nature

Now is the time to spend time outdoors, soon enough the weather will change and you will be cooped up at home. Enjoy a stroll in the park, the colors and trees are at their most beautiful time.

2. Pick a pumpkin

I took my little one to the pumpkin patch, and we had so much fun. Even if you do not have little kids, just having some family time and then some fun carving or cooking time is worth the trip

3. Get a facial

After long summer beach days and some seasonal changes your skin needs a real good cleansing. Getting a facial will help your skin prepare for the new colder seasons and you will not break out so much. Get this glam glow supermud mask @myfavoriteperfume

4. Go to the flower market

ahhh i am such a flower fanatic i could buy a whole store sometimes out of sheer excitement. Now is the season for some interesting flowers and beautiful color schemes. Go pick some for yourself or a friend.

5. Buy a new lipstick

 A sassy bold new lip color is a must! enough said.

6. Get a pumpkin spiced latte

It’s a hype and you gotta try it 🙂 i personally love it its great for sore throats, which i constantly have…

7. Go apple picking

There is nothing like picking you own apples from the tree on a perfect sunny fall day.

 8. Cozy up with book

I should honestly do that more often. I love books and there is something about reading from paper. I would love to start reading Girlboss

9. Try a new trend  

i tried wearing my scarf and then putting a belt over it. Great for staying warm but still looking fashionable

10. Join a community on FB

I love getting to know more people in the blogging world and there are a lot of communities who you could join to get that girls support you need. I joined stylecollective and i love it so far.

11. Spend family time

Its thanksgiving season and time to be grateful for what you have. Spending time with your loved ones is always a good reminder how blessed you really are.

12. Refresh your baking skills 

From pies to sugar cookies there are so many seasonal baking ideas that are perfect for a lazy sunday. You could use those apples or pumpkins you picked up at the local farm.

These are the things i did and still gotta do this fall. What would you add to the list?
Let me hear what you have been up to this season and lets exchange some ideas 🙂

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Warm wishes,

Toby xx


22 thoughts on “12 things you must do before fall is over

  1. boolaurene says:

    The new lipstick idea – yes, just yes! *goes to raid lipsticks for something other than a nude*

    Autumn is my all time favourite, and your ‘to-do’ list just emphasises this for me! Thanks!


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