How to update your makeup bag for fall

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Hey ladies

Fall is definitely my favorite season of the year. There is more of everything. More colors, more clothes and more makeup. Since the change of season brings both wardrobe and beauty updates alike i will help you with some basic tips to get your make up bag up to date. 

Swap your foundation shade

Not many know this but your skin tone tends to change with the season. Either because your summer tan is fading or your complexion is changing due to weather changes. I usually have a winter and a summer shade. Have a color-match test done at a beauty counter to ensure that your foundation shade is up to date

fdsaGo berry

And by that i mean your lipstick. Retire from those barely there nudes and glossy lips, now is the time to be bold and berry. The most hottest colors are plum, burgundy, wine and deep red.

Say goodbye to your bronzer

Your orange toned bronzer will not look right with your fall look. Instead opt for warm peach and rose blushes that make you look like you just went on a brisk, wintry walk

fewfSmudge your eyeliner

It is time to brush up on your eye liner skill. A smudged smokey eye made several appearances on the runway. Invest in a kayal or cream eyeliner that you could use on top and on bottom of your lashes. Blend until its all smudged.

fdsffafShimmer and shine

In the summer all you needed was some eyeliner and gloss and all was good. Fall gives you the opportunity to be a bit more daring and bold. This seasons eye shadow color is more on the shimmer and metallic side. Go for some gold or bronze.

I hope i helped to ease your transition. Which swap is your favorite? Let me hear from you xx

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