How to take your favorite summer dress into fall


Hey Ladies

It has been a while since i have posted, but that does not mean that my head wasn’t working on something. Since the month of august is nearing to an end, fall is definitely on everyone’s mind. I for once love the fact that i could just walk out of my door in the summer without having to gear up from head to toe for the chilly fall season. But wait, do not say goodbye yet to your favorite flary summer dress. With some simple wardrobe essentials you could turn your summer dress into a fall statement outfit.
And here is how:

Wear a pullover over it


Grab your warm pullover and wear it on top of your silky feminine dress. You could show your elegant dress this way without hiding it under a big puffy coat.

Put some boots on


Some high heeld suede boots instantly takes your summer dress into a fall outfit.
Combine different colors and fabric.

Put a scarf on


Invest in a big furry scarf that will keep you warm. Fur, cashmere or wool are great. Make sure it does not clash with your dress.

Wear a T-shirt underneath


I am a big fan of layering. Read more about layering here
Take your short sleeve dress to a fall outfit by wearing a tshirt or turtleneck underneath

Which one of those looks are your favorite? Have you tried any of those?
Would love to hear your take on fall fashion 🙂

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