I’m Lovin #2

Hey Ladies 

It is finally Friday…whohooo i actually survived this week with no babysitter, no break and no vacation. kuddos to me:) Summer is definitely coming to an end here in NYC. More and more streets are full with leaves which gives me a bit of nostalgia but each season has its own pros and cons. So here is what i am lovin this week. Oh on a side note i finally decided to open a Twitter account, total newbie but come follow me HERE.

#1 500 Followers

Well It has been a big week for my blog, reaching 500 followers is such a big excitement for me and owe you all a major thank you for sticking with me on this journey of a blog:)

#2 Fall Season

I love getting seeing those amazing fall fashion pictures. This one is from Burberry and gives me real butterflies of excitement for the fall season. The colors are great for my skin tone, since i am very fair so i cannot wait to rock those fall colors.

#3 Manhattan Skyline

On sunday we took a family trip to Manhattan on the boat and it was absolutely amazing. Seeing those Skyriser just gives me that city girl feeling that i so crave sometimes. Who does not love Manhattan?

#4 Freshly washed and blow dried

There is something about a fresh blow out. You just feel real good. Since i am jewish this is actually a wig that i am wearing but the feeling is the same. A good blow out is a great way to feel great instantly.

What are you lovin this week? Traveled somewhere? New Haul? Lets hear it…
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Happy Friday ladies!!! xx

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