My tips on how to achieve clearer skin

Hey Ladies 

Waking up with a giant zit on our cheeks is something we all fear of. And it happens.Often. So here are my tips to reduce these chances of surprise, that i actually followed through and got great results. My skin, is a skin of a teenager and those few steps that i took made a real big difference. So here goes:

#1 Clean your brushes once in 3 weeks

I know it is something that is a bit dreading but it is one of the most effective steps you could take in order to get rid of those pimples. When we apply makeup on our skin the brushes absorb lots of dirt,chemicals and oil excess. We do not want this to get unto our skin. Wash it with a mild baby shampoo or buy one of those sprays. Try Estee Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser

#2 Change your face towels and wash cloths regularly

Same idea with the brushes, but something not everyone paying attention to. Your facetowels and wash cloths should be washed and changed regularly so you do not mix the dirt on it into your skin. I change it every week and i try to dry my face with tissues so to be hundred percent sure i do not use anything that could have dirt on it.

#3 Use a toner 

I really never used a toner until i bought it just for fun and saw the big difference in my skin. Toners became more and more recognized. It is very important to use it as your last step before moisturizing. The liquid formula whisks away pore-clogging oil and flakes to reveal a clearer complexion. It helps control excess oil to minimize breakouts and keep skin feeling clean. Try L’oreal paris Hydrafresh toner

# Always take your make up off at the end of the day

That is something i really struggled with. I used to simply not have patience to clean my face for 10 min. But leaving your make up on overnight is like the worst thing you could do to your skin. Once you get into it though and have your routine it will be part of going to bed.

#4 Use a deep cleansing mask once a week

Masks could get to the nitty-gritty dirt underneath your skin. So it is important to use it once in a while to really cleanse your skin. I love to use a thick mud mask which gives me a real clean feeling afterwards. Try Deep pore cleansing mask by Anthony

#5 Give it time

When starting a new product geared for your skin issues, your skin needs 3 to 4 weeks to get used to it and show results. So do not give up after a week not seeing anything change.

I hope those tips help and you see some change. What are your tricks to clearer skin? Do you struggle with face impurities?

Let me hear your thoughts 🙂 xx
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8 thoughts on “My tips on how to achieve clearer skin

  1. nazneenzainal says:

    I have sensitive skin and I’m always paranoid about my face. I try my very best to do everything right but there are days…
    To add on to your list I’ll say drink lotsa water and eat fruits! 🙂

  2. Toby says:

    yes drinking water definitely helps too i would also add changing your pillow cade you sleep on regularly. Its those tiny details that really make a difference xx

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