My Top 4 End of Summer Moisturizers

Hello Ladies

First of all congratulations to Joanna from Pores for Thoughts for winning my Giveaway!! It was a great way to find out what you ladies would love to read and discuss.
As the end of summer is nearing and after endless hours in the sun mixed with water and other exposures your face needs extra care. Moisturizing makes sure your skin does not dry out and gives it extra fluff to be as smooth and healthy looking as possible. So here are my top 4 favorite moisturizer’s that i use on a daily basis.

1# My ultimate moisturizer that i use daily is the Clinique dramatically different gel. A gel is perfect for my oily skin. It doesn’t over moisture but it still hydrates my skin. I love this gel, it does everything it sais on the package.

#2 Baume 27 is one of my holy grail beauty product. I got this as a PR sample from M.E skinLab, a french skin care company that is based on very simple and effective ingredients. This particular moisturizer is more like a balm that protects cells and acts as an antioxidant skin care moisturizing and nourishing cream all in one.

#3 Hope in a jar by Philosophy is a moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types and made for any kind of situation, whether your skin is dry, stressed, or oily. It is something that is always good to put on your face.

#4 Estee Lauder multi-advanced anti-oxidant creme that has SPF 15 on top of it all, is the perfect day moisturizer. Again, a moisturizer that is geared for oily skin that is prone to break out. I love the clean clinical scent of it which makes me feel fresh and clean.

So those are my few besties, have you used any of those? What are your favorites?
Let me hear from you:) xx
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