How to carry around less

Hey ladies

We all have the pretty much the same thing in common, we carry around huge handbags with everything but the kitchen sink in it. Although a big tote was once the coolest thing, nowadays the It girls walk around in just mini bags and clutches. At first i was like how am i supposed to fit in all i need in a 2 by 2 inch bag? But once you actually get used to just taking what you need its going to feel pretty cool not to mention lighter;)

I love my mini boxy bag from deux lux. It is perfect for summer. First thing we all need money to take along, which does not mean we always have to carry a whole boxy wallet with us. Take the cards you need and that’s all. In the summer i always need my sunnys with me. Then comes my makeup must carry. A lip balm, duhhh some lipstick to always look fresh and my compact powder from maybelline with a mirror. Some gum for freshness and a mini perfume bottle and you have more than enough things to carry around with you.

Here some more “carry less” handbags for inspiration.

What do you cary around? Have you tried carrying less?

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Happy Thursday ladies xx
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