What I’m Lovin #1

Hey Ladies,

I hope you have had a lovely week so far. I am starting a new weekly series on my blog. Every Thursday i will be posting my current things that i love or got inspired by that week. So here goes.

My Skin

My Skin really gave me a run for my money. I had a never ending teenage phase with a lot of breakouts, dry patches, oily T-Zone….all the good things, until i really got down with it and stuck to my daily cleansing routine. Now finally it is showing results and i am loving it. I will make sure to post about my routine and the little things that helped improve my skin.

Fall 2015

As the end of summer is approaching i am sure a lot of us are dreading getting all wrapped up again. But just looking at some amazing Pre-fall fashion i could get excited about starting to actually get dressed and not run out in a Tshirt with sneakers, because it is too hot for anything else. This picture is from the Rocksanda Fall Season.


I stumbled upon this store in SOHO that sells their home-made soaps, scrubs, lotions and all the things that a girl needs to pamper herself. I totally fell in love with their line and store and will make sure to pop in once in while. To check it out click HERE

My 8 month old cookie monster

As a first time mom every milestone is like a big party. My son started to eat finger-food and it is the cutest thing. I love seeing him get all dirty and sticky but so loving the cookie. Best thing that happened this week by far 🙂

Stay tuned for my awesome Giveaway ladies and let me know what inspired you this week.

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