What’s in my on the go make up bag


Hey Ladies,

We are all short on time i believe, especially those mommy’s out there that are juggling everything all at once. So i believe it is important to have that little beauty pouch full of two in one make up products and minis that you just grab on the way out, so you could catch up on your make up whenever you want. Here is a sneak peek into my beauty bag that i take along wherever i go.I purchased this little Longchamp for myself once and i use it ever since. I love the compact size of it and all my stuff fits perfectly. The leather handle makes it possible to use it as a clutch too. It is currently on sale HERE for 37$.

1. Concealer

Most important thing for that little brush up is a concealer. In just a few dabs your face looks refreshed and your zits are back to being vanished. I use the MAC Studio finish concealer it comes in this perfect small round capsule that fits even in the tiniest pouch.

2. Lip and cheek

I tried to find something that multitasking, this Bobbi Brown lip and cheek is perfect for a lipstick and a tint on your cheeks all in one. The best part is, the mirrored flip-top that it comes with.

3. Lipliner

I always use a lip-liner it keeps my lipstick in place and defines my lips. I use the Clarins Lip pencil it has a creamy and soft texture so it applies beautifully even on a shaky subway. The thin shape of it makes it fit in my small beauty pouch.

4. Nail-polish

I don’t know about you but i get bored easily and when waiting in doctor’s office i like to give my nails a quick swish this one is called stepping out and i love the peachy blush color.

5. Mini perfume

Sometimes when ordering beauty stuff online i get those perfume samples, they are perfect to put into your on the go beauty case. Like this you could always freshen up with a slight spritz. This one is Tory Burch and i am considering buying the big size since i am totally falling in love with it.

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That’s all i have in my beauty case, sometimes ill add my sunglasses so i do not have to search for them all the time in my big bag. What is in your bag? do you have any of those products?

Happy Thursday and keep on being beautiful 🙂
XX – Toby
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