Women power and my favorite blogs

Hey Ladies

So for today i have a bit of a different kind of post than the usual fashion and beauty talk. Something like the post i did on How to avoid Instagram comparison.
I scrolled through my instagram feed yesterday and saw Nicole Kidman on this months Vogue cover i was really happy for her since she is one of my favorite actors and i noticed soooooo many negative comments about her that it just blew my mind. It is not only her many woman get judged and berated by other woman and it is something that i do not understand. Don’t WE women know what it means to be a woman? The constant self doubt, stress, juggling motherhood, being a wife, mom and career woman all at once. The many beauty pains, the aging fear and soooo many more issues we all have in common. I don’t think someone needs negativity on top of all this. When Kim Kardashion for example got bullied about her gain weight when she was pregnant at least then i thought people will understand, I remember when i was pregnant and that out-of-body experience that i had i really did not want anybody commenting on my looks then. So why do we woman always put other women down instead of root for them and be proud especially since we all know the hardships. Is it jealousy?

So being that this is today’s topic i have picked out some of my favorite blogs that are currently on my reading list in order to give each other support and recognition. I hope you love these as much as i do and feel free to comment on this topic i would love to hear your take on it.

1. Wear daisy went / weardaisywent.com/


2. A pretty penny / aprettypennyblog.com


3. The Glamourai / www.theglamourai.com


4. The fashion fraction / www.thefashionfraction.com


5. Pores for thought / poresforthought.com


6. From roses / www.fromroses.co.uk


Okay ladies check these out and you will see why i love them so much.
Let me know which one you are following.

Happy Tuesday and let’s be nice to each other 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Women power and my favorite blogs

  1. mcowder says:

    Great post and so true! The old saying is true (okay, I don’t remember the actual saying…) about whatever you criticize in others is the thing that you’re insecure about in yourself. With social media, and some truly inappropriate pics out there, it’s easy to judge but we need to focus on lifting each other up. Loved this post! And I’m following a few of the recommendations you provided, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. budgetbelles80 says:

    What a beautiful and honest post! I really believe that being jealous, insecure, and judgemental is what causes some women to make such harsh comments. I think if women would think about having those same insult thrown at them, they probably would stop! Because it hurts to be called negative things and no one wants that done to them. I am glad you said kind words about other bloggers. It is good to see women uplift one another!

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