Sunday Musings – All things I wan’t to do this summer


Hey Ladies,

It’s sunday my favorite day of the week..duhh 🙂 It has been one hectic past week and i am looking forward to some peace and quiet…which is hard to achieve with an energized 7 month old. Summer in my mind is almost over and i still have soooo many things i wanted to do. Don’t you feel like you can’t catch up with time sometimes and you had so many plans and ideas in your head and suddenly you realize that none of those things happened? Well i am almost holding there. Here are a few of the things that i would love to do this summer. 

Go on vacation

Yup i know it sounds pathetic, but i have not managed to escape the city yet and i am really trying to get things going and making some plans. Do you guys have any favorite place near New york where i could go with my family of three? It is really hard to find that perfect spot that is not too far but still close to the water and kid friendly. So please let me know if you have any destinations for me or any tips.

Get a gym membership

Ever since i had my baby i am totally neglecting my fitness. Not that i need to lose pounds thank g¨d it is just to i keep my body in shape. So i would love to sign up at a gym, only problem is that i know myself already and time will just not be on my side for this one. How do you guys juggle motherhood and taking care of yourself?

Start reading more

I am a total book freak…ehh used to be. I used to devour books by the day and lately i want to be that freak again. So a trip to the library is way overdue any summer reading you recommend?

Customize my blog

I love the way my blog looks now but i would love it to be more original and professional. I searched for Blog designs and did not really find what i like. I am looking for a package that i could download and it would customize my blog, any ideas where i could find that? Or have any of you worked with past blogger designers? Would love to hear your input.

Declutter and organize my beauty and make up stuff

It is not even funny anymore of how much stuff i have in my bathroom vanity. My poor husband got confined to a 2 inch space for his stuff and i practically took over the whole bathroom. It is time to declutter. I am all for the  say that “A woman could never have enough beauty products“ but goodness the mess is getting to me. Who’s with me on that?

So that is on my current summer to do list i will tell you how it goes…and how much of it i actually manage to do 🙂 I am super excited for the rest of this summer and hope you all enjoy it. Let me hear your input ladies, we love a big women chatter here on Posh&Spice
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4 thoughts on “Sunday Musings – All things I wan’t to do this summer

  1. Amila says:

    No problem! You actually reminded me that I should spend more time reading too. Being a bookwarm that I am, I spend way too little time reading at the moment.

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