4 ways of healthy snacking this summer

Win a Tropical

Hey ladies,

It is my favorite time of the season, summer!! I love this time of year filled with barbecues, trips to the beach, flary skirts, lot’s and lot’s of ice cream, lunch outside…etc
But along with every pleasure comes its obstacles and for me it is trying to stay healthy between all these summer cravings. It is very hard to stay focused on my health and food intake in this time of year. Fast food is much easier to access in the summer. There are ice cream trucks, food stands, open cafes and many more places where you could indulge easily. And in the heat who really wants to spend time in the kitchen to cook supper or prepare lunch. So here are a few tips i try to stick to in order for me to stay healthy and not get side tracked by this seasons food pleasures.


Tip 1: Start on the right track

The first excuse we give ourselves when it comes to eating a healthy breakfast is – no time! But it is really key to staying full pretty much all day and not having that total starving mode and going into the nearest cafe and gobbling down a 5 course menu. Nobody said you should start frying eggs and toasting bread, ( which is great if you do ) instead try to opt for easy nutritious meals. My Go to breakfast is whole wheat cereal which i sometimes combine with some blueberry’s and yogurt. Fast, easy and very filling

Tip 2: Pack your lunch

Try to make yourself something in advance, rather than eating out every day. Give yourselves one or two days a week to indulge so that it does not feel too much to handle:) I always take a salad and sometimes throw in the rest of the chicken from last nights supper. What is also great is any kind of leftovers from your meal the night before.
Tip 3: Fuel up on fruits

Summer is the season for my favorite fruits. Peaches, apricots, cherries, etc. All of them are a great intake of vitamins and are delicious too. Stack up in the beginning of the week with all of the fruits you like, so that you could just grab it from your fruit-basket and go on with your day.

Tip 4: Snack the right way

There are moments where you are most driven to grab something fast to urge your hunger. At work, in front of the computer, on buses and metros etc. For those moments you should always come prepared. Pack some healthy snacks to take along. Like pretzels, health-bars, crackers, dried fruits, nuts and many more. They are easy to take along, and will keep your hunger at bay.

There you go, with these simple tricks you will stay healthy during the summer season. But still do not forget to  get yourself ice cream at times and enjoy summers best moments.


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