Into the Blues


Hey Ladies,

It has been some time since i have spent more than 5 minutes on my make up. But when there are so many motherly obligations i feel like spending time doing my make up and experiencing a little with it, gives me that extra glam kick that i need. It is so important to make time for yourself and do things that make you feel beautiful. Today i decided to play around with my eye make up. Usually all i do is a thick eyeliner and mascara, but today i wanted to try out something more colorful. I was always a bit skeptic on how the color blue will look on me. I actually always thought that blue is for blue eyes and brown eyes should stick to brown. But that is actually not true. My eyes have a very light hazel brown color and pretty much goes with any other deep color, blue, brown, purple etc. Blue eye-shadow has been a big trend this spring season on the runways. The trick is not to overdue it or mix colors.

Here some guidelines:

unnamed (25) unnamed (26) unnamed (27)

I used a deep blue eyeliner to give my eyes a pop and then blended it all in with some black eye-shadow. As a base i used a champagne colored creamy eye-shadow. To finish i used Covergirl Super Sizer Mascara, i got this one as a promotional gift and i am totally smitten with it. I usually always raved about my Estee Lauder mascara but since the covergirl is half the price and does the same amazing work i really am going to switch.



I really loved experimenting and seeing the great outcome. I love the blue look on me and it makes the eye make up look not so harsh and heavy, i will definitely do it again especially now in the summer days.

Here some more inspiration
968ff743f2fbf6d39a27684326e1438b gifui


I really hope you give it a try, it is super easy and gives a great new look. Have you ever dared yourself to go out with a bold colored eye liner? Do you have any other great colors for brown eyes? Let me know:)

Happy Tuesday and until soon
Xx- Toby



3 thoughts on “Into the Blues

  1. rachsherratt says:

    Absolutely love the look Ellie Saab did! I love using blues in my makeup so i’m glad they’re in trend this season, and I love that you’re bringing this to everyones attention 😀 x

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