Glitz and Glam nails – Do It Yourself.


Hey Ladies,

So today i have something a bit crafty for you. Sometimes in midst of all the mommy jobs and being all grown up, my inner girly vibes kick in and i feel like doing something that i have not done in a while. Getting my nails done are a real treat in general, not often do i have time for myself. But lately going to a salon has not been really my thing anymore. The time waiting for my nails to get dry are pure torture for me. Its like Murphy’s law that i will try to get my phone or pick up my baby and bamm its all messed up. So i do it in my own home, after i put my little one to bed and all i have is peace and quiet. It is important to take the time to do what you loved and cherishes before all the responsibilities came into your life. So for all the mammas out there, do not give up on what makes you happy, even if it’s just the small things.
So here we go!
What you will need:

– A role of tape
– Glitter nail polish, i used L”oreal “the statement piece”
– Clear or pink nail polish, i used Essie “sugar daddy”
– Any other dark color that you would like to try this out with
– Top coat or fast dry nail polish, i used Revlon “top coat”

First you tear of several pieces of tape, and tape in on your nails, leaving a slight space on top. If you want to be bolder, you could leave a bigger space.


Then you paint the top part, with the glitter nail polish or any other dark color you desire



Apply to all of your nails, let it dry a bit and take of the tape and apply the top coat to smooth it all out. If you want you could apply one coat of the light pink nail polish on top of everything to give it a more subtle look.


And there you go! Easy peasy and perfect for a summer party or wedding.

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At the end after everything is dried up, apply your favorite hand cream to give you that spa feeling.

I use L’occitane in cherry blossom and i just love the smell of the moringa body butter from the body shop, so i apply a bit of that too.

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