Love & Hate Tag

Hey Ladies,

I was nominated with the Love & Hate tag from Amila from many little obsessions. Check out her blog for many cute updates and girl talk about her obsessions.
This Tag is to get to know a more personal side of me by having to list 10 things i hate and 10 things i love. Not an easy task, even though sometimes i could list 20 things i hate in 5 min when i am really in that kind of mood. So let’s do this.


My baby boy ( cheesy i know..but he has to be on that list!!)
The feeling of fresh linen
Traveling, road trips, discovering new places
Phone talks with my girlfriends…laughing about silly things.
Trying out new beauty products..( Who doesn’t;))
Working out
Swimming ( ahhh my favorite sport of all times )
Fresh Flowers


People who think they know everything
Washing dishes
Having to get up in the wee hours of the morning
Bugs, bees, get the point
Coming home from the beach and having sand all over the place ( and body )
Seeing my phone having a low percentage of battery ( every persons nightmare ;))
Stockings ( only in the summer )
People who are close minded
When my computer acts slow, right when i need it the most

All done, now it is your turn ladies.
I am nominating:

A touch of Meraki

Have a lovely Monday ladies
Xx- Toby

6 thoughts on “Love & Hate Tag

  1. Karen Rees says:

    ‘When my computer acts slow’….. story of my life Toby!!!!! lol lol Dropping you an email this week – promise I haven’t forgotten just been crazzzzzy here, slowly calming down… my poor emails have been abandoned *sob* hope you’re well XXXX

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