My Daily Make Up Look

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Hey my ladies,

Today i decided to post something more personal, revealing my make up look that i use daily. Since i became a mom i really do not have much time on my hands to spent on my make up. So i tried to cut down on the things i use for my face so i could still have a full face done but with less time. In the summer i really try to not use foundation but rather just a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, i hate the feeling of a cacky heavy make up on my face in the beating heat of summer. So let’s start.

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1. The first thing i put is my most favorite face primer by Korres. The one i use is called Greek Yoghurt and it feels absolutely divine on your skin. It is silicone free and makes your make up really last long.
2. Then i use Bobbi Brown face touch up stick to just cover my blemishes and uneven skin. I do not use foundation since that stick really covers most of it. It is super easy to apply and the compact size is perfect for your purse.
3. To fill my eye brows i use the L’oreal Brow stylist, that has a brush on one end to even everything out. I draw a thin line of eye liner on top and under my eyes to give them an extra pop.
4. I use Estee Lauder sumptous extreme for my lashes and let me tell you it is the best one out there. I have tried hundreds of mascaras and this one is definitely the best one. It makes your lashes long and bold.
5. Now i just brush some MAC mineralize skinfinish to give my face a healthy glow.
For my cheeks i use Bobbi Brown Blush in clementine, it has a slight shimmer and i really nice summery color.
6. Last but not least i am a total lipstick freak and have a whole collection but for daily use i chose a color that is not too striking. My Bobbi Brown lipstick in blondie pink is the perfect shade for me, just a slight color difference from my lips which makes it look natural.

Voila, here you go! The whole thing takes me 5 to 7 min max. and since i know what i already use and want, i do my face real quick. Of course sometimes i choose a different color lipstick to get a different look, but having a base look, is a great time saving trick.
As you see i absolutely adore Bobbi Brown cosmetics. I think it is the perfect make up line for natural yet beautiful looks. All her products are with healthy ingredients and last a long time.


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Have a great Thursday!
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Xx- Toby

14 thoughts on “My Daily Make Up Look

  1. Beautitude says:

    HeY, I just thought I’d leave you a comment to say your blog is fab! I love the layout, it’s so prefessional looking.
    Do you mind me asking how long you’ve been blogging for?
    I’d love if you checked out mine 🙂
    Amie xx

  2. mostlypaleandinteresting says:

    That’s a great look on you & appreciate your emphasis on making the most of limited time! I’m intrigued by the Korres primer (love their shower gels) which I’ll check out – thanks for the tip.

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