Perfect summer clutches


Hey ladies,

Hope you are having a fabulous day so far. Fashion is all about innovation. And i must say lately there is a lot of that going on. Everything goes and nothing is presumed as a no-go. Looking at some street styles you could see the vast amount of innovation from layering skirts, mixing prints, combining shapes, adding accessories etc. The creativity is endless.
Today i have something really bold and daring for my ladies. The coolest fruit clutches, perfect for summer! You could wear it with anything and you will come across as the coolest chick ever. As a mom i like to be a bit quirky sometimes and pep up my usual everyday outfit but still not change my entire look and waste time that i do not have. Therefore a clutch is the perfect solution! It is a showstopper! Take a look





Aren’t they awesome? To get your fruit clutch click the appropriate links.
Watermelon Pineapple Bananas Lemons

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Alright ladies, thank you for following and keep the comments coming. I always love hearing from you.
Xx- Toby

12 thoughts on “Perfect summer clutches

  1. Becca-Louise says:

    I find that Im not confident at all with going a bit out there with a cute clutch. I dont often go with bright colour choices! But they are so cute and quirky:)

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