How to take your bedroom to the next level

Hey ladies,

Spring, what a great season. After a long winter, spring is like a total motivational season, that makes you change, clean and renew lots of your personal stuff. There is a reason why it is called spring cleaning. So let’s talk about how to change your bedroom for the better. For me personally, the bedroom is the most important room. It is the place where i rest, recharge, sleep, get dressed, read, chill etc. That is why it is very important for me that it should be a clean, modern, quiet look. I don’t like too much stuff going on. I would start with a white, beige, or grey base and built up the look by putting some accents in a different color. Here is what is important.

The Bed
Instead of splurging in decorations, rather put the main money in a real sturdy bed that will last you for a while. You don’t want it to be clumsy, or bulky. Rather a refined clean-cut.

The Bedding
Choose light, airy colors. It will make the room look bigger. White, and natural colors are the most flattering ones. Make sure the sizes are fitting and perfect.
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The Decorations
Here comes the fun. Choose a fun color that you like and buy pillows, throws and frames in that color. Do not mix and match too much. It will make the bedroom look messy.

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The Lightning
A lot of people forget that this is an important factor. Go for subtle lightning. Invest in a few spotlights which gives the bedroom a very sophisticated look. For night table lamps, choose wisely. I personally love the standing lamps with the big round cover.

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And here are some of my favorite spring color palettes, inspired by flowers. Perfect for renewing your bedroom look.





As i said, spring gives me a lot of motivation. Hopefully i am able to motivate you ladies. Check out for some great quality bedroom essentials. Or check out for some great inspiration.

Thank you for describing!
Xx- Toby

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