5 Ways to change your look

Hey Ladies,

It has been a loooooong break, my excuse this time is our Passover holiday which lasts 10 days and includes lots of food, sleep and family time. So as you see there is not much time for blogging, but now that spring has FINALLYY begun here in NYC, and the holidays are over i will make sure to provide you with some amazing spring posts.
Here is one that is perfect for spring starters. Our fast paced generation tend to always go for our less complicated and time consuming more safe self, which sometimes end up being our boring self. So for those who want to give your look a NEW fresh change, here are a few quick tips how you could change your look in time for spring. Some of them are more daring like the long skirt or maxi dress, but try it and you will love your new self. My favorite one is the minimal look, simple basic T-shirt and nude skirt, its is such an easy way of looking chic. Less is definitely more. But i also love wearing an all print ensemble.

gsagfsa hgfdh ffaf gdgsstys

Let me hear from you ladies,
Happy Monday


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