4 ways on how to wear layers

Hello ladies,

My post today was inspired after cleaning up my closet and seeing all the many options that we have when it comes to dressing ourselves. Which does not always mean buying a new dress. Using the stuff you already have and trying out different ways to wear, that is the trick. Not only does it prevent you from many shopping sprees but it also develops your own unique style. Here are 4 tips on how you could change a dress with a few key pieces with the layering style.


Take a dress that is hanging in your closet and lay it out on your bed, now take out the skirts that you have and try seeing which skirt would go with the dress. Now obviously a tight dress is not an option for layering. Use a dress that has no shape. You could opt for a uni style or a color on color style, as long as the two pieces ease in and it seems like it is one piece.


Take a dress, it could be any shape or for any occasion and wear a white crisp blouse underneath, it is an instant lift up and changes the whole look. You will love this one.


Take any kind of knit or interesting textured top and pair it with any kind of blouse. It in the newest trend and is a little more daring but so worth it. You will suddenly have 10 more options in your closet.


A classic one. Take any kind of shirt dress or flary silk dress and wear a pullover untop. Be careful to use something in similar color, otherwise it will look too messy.

It is easy and different, try it out in every way, until you are satisfied with the new look. Tell me which one of the layering options is your favorite and have fun trying out new looks.

Xx- Toby

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