White – The ultimate spring color and how to wear it

Hello Ladies,

Spring is finally showing its face. And suddenly the days start and end with a ray of sunshine, how exciting! Spring is personally my favorite season, but the tricky part is what to wear in that transitional weather season. You do not want to be to warm and wintery, but still you cannot really walk around in short sleeves and flip-flops yet. So here is the perfect color to wear this years spring season. White – it is the perfect pop of color that you will make you look ultimately in style and still perfectly balanced with this kind of weather. Browsing through the many street styles of this past few fashion weeks, i saw a lot of white. White is the perfect go to color, which you could mix with so many textures, colors and patterns. Or an all white look is very chic and classy too. If you are still a bit chilly you could pair it with any type jacket you have hanging in your closet, for example jeans looks great with a white crispy blouse or skirt.
Take a look

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I love white and i will sure try to wear it more often. Do not be afraid of this color, it will make you feel pretty powerful:)
Let me know if you would wear this look.
Happy Wednesday

Xx- Toby


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