Celebrating Motherhood

Hey ladies,

It has been a while but now i am finally back. I would say back to planet earth, since i had a terrible stomach virus and thought i am flying somewhere in heaven. There is nothing as bad as being utterly sick and stuck at home with a three month old. Life is hard but motherhood is definitely harder. So let’s talk about the bright, priceless side of motherhood. The tiny little toes and hands that grasp your finger, the smiles that light up your world, the cute blabbels and secret wish of hearing the word ”mama” already and the many moments that give you that spark of hopefulness and great feeling that it is all worth it. Being a mom has taught me so many things, most of all to sometimes just let go. So what of the laundry is still not folded or the dishes are still waiting, or my house isn’t perfectly neat. There is a baby who needs my attention and that is my priority now.
In relation to that, Dolce & Gabbana celebrated motherhood on this years fashion-week in Milan and i must share some beautiful images from the show with you. First of all because it is Fashion, and that is what part of this blog is all about and second of all i love the fact that fashion could be translated in so many ways. Not only are the clothes beautiful but they also have matching clothing for mom and baby, how cute is that? There is a whole new or let’s say old new revolution called motherhood, that suddenly became utterly fashionable. Expecting a child and raising a family is definitely in the trend:) And brand names who design clothes for kids and expecting moms make it so much more exciting. It shows us that being a mom does not mean you have to give up on being yourself and looking awesome! You could have the cake and eat it.
Take a look.
fdsga greagrfaegfdhfadgfdsgfd

Cheers to fashionable motherhood! and a great week to all of you! Would you wear any of those pieces?
xx- Toby

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