How to rock the scarf

Hello my ladies,

It is absolutely brutal here in east america, i know i keep on saying it, but that is just because i cant get over how freaking cold it could get. When it is that cold and the only thing you could wear is your thick puffy coat, a scarf will be the perfect solution for keeping yourself warm and chic looking. Take a thick long wool scarf, it does not particularly have to be the same color of your clothing, wrap it around and add a belt, et voila! You are warm, but ultra chic looking! Even in the warmer days a light scarf over a dress with a belt is a total trend alert.
Take a look at some street style
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Today i tried it myself too. I love the fact that i could get warmth and chicness all in one.
Here is my version of it.

Tell me if you like that look, and please try it out, you will love it!!
Happy Tuesday ladies! Stay warm and smile:)
Xx- Toby


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