Monday Favorites

So It has been a long time since i posted something from me personally, so i figured why not share with you my current favorite pieces i wear almost every day. Every woman has those few key pieces they love and adore and wear day in and day out. For some it is a special ring, bracelet, scarf etc. It is those little treasures that make me feel like me. I call them sometimes my signature pieces. I am currently obsessed with my new found Dior inspired earrings. They are those gorgeous pearl studs, that are truly a timeless piece of jewelry. My daily watch that i wear, is my Marc Jacobs watch that i once splurged on one of my retail therapy shopping trips. ( anyone have one of those??). I am normally not a watch person, but this one caught my eye, and i wear it ever since. My current perfume that i wear is jasmine noir by Bulgary. I have a little sample bottle of it, that i keep in my tote so i could always freshen up with a spritz. It smells from jasmine of course, notes of lily of the valley and musky vibrant woods. And last but not least i bought this necklace a few weeks ago in some fashion jewelry store, and i instantly fell in love with it. For some reason it always blends into my choice of clothing pieces and gives it a instant pop. I happen to love fashion jewelry, it is the cool way of wearing expensive, sometimes beautifully designed jewelry.
monday favoritesShare with me your favorite key pieces, or as i call them your “signature pieces”:)
Happy Monday ladies.
xx- Toby

6 thoughts on “Monday Favorites

  1. Nubiana says:

    I adore the Dior inspired earrings! I have a pair as well (from Bauble Bar) and it’s hard for me rotate all of my other studs once I have those out.

    xx Nubiana

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