Sunday morning dreams

hello ladies,
After a loooong sleepless weekend, with my baby that has the flu (!!) i am frankly still in bed with one eye half closed. yess my baby is finally fast asleep and its only 8:30 am!! sooo here are some things that are currently going through my mind and i would define them as my sunday-morning-lazy-wish-dreams.


1. today i want to wear nudes all day, if i am not in my pj’s all day. Oh and definitly no make up!



2. Room service pleaaaase. I can’t be bothered with doing breakfast. A butler anyone? yummm my stomach is grumbling just thinking about it.


3. I want a bubble bath like now! without baby cries and the real deal.


4. A hot coca like starbucks kind would not be bad. Melted chocolat,coffee,marshmellows, just sipping in peace and quiet! oh yesss please!


yess sunday i truly love you right now, mhhh let’s see if you are as kind to me as in those pictures and things will actually work out;) upss my baby is up! dreams over…
until soon ladies

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