Don’t be afraid to sparkle

Hello ladies,
just a quick note for you to take along this weekend:) After every week that passes and i have accomplished things by taking care of my family, household, work and baby without snapping or lacking enthusiasm, i actually really deserve a medal. There is soooo much that has to be done and taken care of and even though we woman are pros in multitasking the things we accomplish should not be seen as a given. And i believe all woman deserve a medal for handling life and all what its entails. So cheers to all of you for being amazing by just being you! And do not forget to hold your medal with proudness by sparkling a little brighter this weekend.







Share your reasons to sparkle with me. Happy weekend to all of you:)

7 thoughts on “Don’t be afraid to sparkle

  1. jassy says:

    Love that gold bag! I totally agree, when my kids were small it was challenging to get it all done. At the end of the day and when they were finally asleep. I would sit down and say to myself I did it!

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