Guest Post: How to stay chic this winter — by Quintessence Parisienne

Happy Monday Ladies! whoever lives on the east side of america like me, is probably having some awful weather mood. So here is something to pepp you up. Our first ever Guest blogger… yayyyyy. Introducing Rhizlaine, whom i right away liked since first- shes european like me and second- she lives in paris!! who doesn’t like someone who lives in the city of love?! Enjoy ladies:)

Whoever wants to be a guest blogger feel free to read the link and submit your post

Hi I am Rhizlaine from Quintessence Parisienne. I am so honored to be guest blooging here on toby’s blog. I accepted right away! Her blog is chic and glamourous: a great source of inspiration!
As you can guess from the name of my blog I am currently based in Paris. I have decided to launch my blog after I went through a difficult period and I needed a project to accomplish something beautiful. On Quintessence Parisienne, I share my Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle inspirations and also some of my illustrations.
Today, I would like to tackle the complicated question of how not to look like a snowmen in winter?
If you are like me, as soon as the cold arrives, I tend to go for the biggest coat I can find and I always end up looking like I took a thousand pounds in an instant. So I asked myself, what would Olivia Palermo do? After quickly scrolling through Pinterest, I found the Secret: the BELT. Yes ladies and gentlemen, add a belt to your coat, et voila! The belt structures the shape of your body by creating an accent at the waistline. It really adds a chic touch to the look so you can be both warm AND stylish. Take a look
Leelee Sobieski in gorgeous red belted coat Mira Duma mint blue belted coat Mira Duma Hot Pink belted coat Olivia Palermo midi skirt and belted coat Coral Belted Coat in Paris Golden belt and great Chapeau Golden clutch and boyish coat

What about you guys? How do manage to stay chic in Winter?
Let me know your thoughts and don’t forget to follow me


Bisous- Rhizlaine

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