“Guest Blog” with me

So since i really love and appreciate all my followers, i thought of an idea how to get to know you guys better and share our girly secrets of fashion,beauty and lifestyle. I will call it Guest Blogging. I would love to hear what you think is the latest trend, style, beauty regime, places to go, and lifestyle trends,  that is why i invite you all for a chance to guest blog on my blog.
The guidelines are as follows:
1.You must be a follower of my blog
2. You could choose from the following topics to write about:
Fashion, Beauty, Food, Places, Decor
3. It should include pictures if possible
4. You should introduce yourself before writing about a topic. Name, blog name, and a few notes about yourself and why you chose that topic
5. And of course do not forget to include all your social links.so we could all be socially connected with each other
6. At last, when your done sent it to my email: tobyrubi@gmail.com as a Word Document or directly on email and i will post it on my blog:)

it could be anything really as long as its one topic you chose from the above mentioned ones. It could be a list of your favorite beauty products, or “must havs”. your latest city trip and where to go, or a good health recipe and how to do it. the sky is the limits:)

I can’t wait to read and post about your chosen topic, and i am really looking forward to host you as a guest blogger:)
Happy writing

xx toby


21 thoughts on ““Guest Blog” with me

  1. Netta for chesterinthecity.com says:

    What a wonderful idea! I definitely would love to take part in it! And… your blog is fun, pretty and cheerful! Love it 🙂

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