Haute Couture Roundup

Hi lovely’s, we had some crazy snow blizzard forecast here in New York but it ended up being half as bad and half as exciting. ( I did get a day off from work and spent it in bed;) but what IS exciting these past few days, is what is happening in Paris. Paris Fashion Week shifted up a gear on Sunday to its marquee event: the Haute Couture shows that happen only in the French capital. Italian house Versace was the first to step into the prestige whirl of handmade women’s collections for spring-summer 2015. In all, 24 catwalk shows, including ones by Chanel, Christian Dior and Valentino, will take place until Thursday, filling palaces, museums and other historic venues in Paris with celebrities, journalists and the extremely wealthy women who splurge on the creations, whose price tags run into tens of thousands of euros. France is the only country to boast Haute Couture, twice a year, in January and in July. The designation is protected by French law and attributed exclusively by the ministry of industry. Their high-end clothes are entirely made by hand and tailored to each client. That is why i just had to share with you some of the amazing collections so far. Not only are they extremely detailed and beautifully created, some of them are also really modest. What all of them had in common so far, are prints like flowers, tulle and my favorite midi skirt length.
Take a look:


unnamed (4)


unnamed (5)


unnamed (7)


unnamed (8)

unnamed (9)

Giambattista Valli

unnamed (10)Giambattista Valli
unnamed (11)
So far, which designer made the best impression on you? my favorite is Giambattista Valli.

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