it is sweater weather!

First of all i want to let you guys know that i redesigned my blog. I had some major trouble going on yesterday with the posting and header features so i decided to switch designs. It was not that simple dough and i really had a hard time figuring things out. On a side note, i am the type that if have not figured something out i will not go to sleep…so yeahh there went my night;) but now finally it looks at least presentable. Check it out and let me know what you think.
So now, let’s talk about what you should wear on those awful Mondays like today. Sorry for the description but today was all day sweat pants and lots of coffee kinda day. Besides did i mention that i hate Mondays? I mean who doesn’t, if they are stuck at home with a 8 week old baby ( yayy my baby boy became two months old!!!) and the weather is just way below bearable. So for such days, where you want to feel cozy and warm but still have to go to work, or shopping and you want to look awesome and feel good it is definitely sweater time. But, now here comes the but, do not think putting on a sweater means looking like you have just gotten out of bed, sweater could mean and should mean “oh so glam”!  And here is how you do it. Pair your sweater with a flary or pencil skirt. Go with bold colors, or go with matching colors and glam it up with a statement necklace or a belt. Wear your not so warm sweater with a blouse underneath to spice things up and keep yourself warm. It is the perfect outfit for any occasion since it is a casual look but the skirt and accessories will make it chic and very in trend. Take a look on some street style inspiration.a203e14cc3e81210839f81582c75eaca





Let me know which look you would go for. Thanks for following and do not forget to check out my new blog! Oh and for more style inspo and outfit trends follow me on instagram @poshndspicy 
Have a lovely Monday:)

6 thoughts on “it is sweater weather!

  1. KimMarie says:

    Nice design! I have so much to work out yet on my own blog (, but hope to get there sooner rather than later. Oh…. love your blog, too (not just the design).

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