7 ways to beat the January blues

Now that December is over I am already dreaming about my summer vacation! If the dark mornings and bleak weather are getting you down like it does to me, then I have picked out a few things that might help cheer you up. A bit of pampering won’t hurt and will definitely give you that much needed kick to get through the rest of the winter season. I extra picked things with some cool, summery names so that you will barely notice the weather and it will make you feel great!


1. Sparkle with nail polish from nails.inc in bright colors.

2. Blush with the famous make up products from Charlotte Tillbury, this one called “Love glow”

3. Pamper your feet with this amazing Essie nourishing treatment oil, called “swept of my feet”

4. Light up your home with this scented candle called “palm beach”, the name alone will beat your winter days.

5. Boost your damp skin with the soap and glory scrub, called “flake away”

6. Feel spring by putting some peonies in your bedroom, they are gorgeous and smell divine.

7. Kick off your shower with this shower scrub, called “grumpy cow uplifting shower scrub” by cowshed.

Cheers to a weekend of pampering yourself! Happy Friday!

7 thoughts on “7 ways to beat the January blues

  1. boolaurene says:

    I have a peony bush right outside my kitchen window! There is nothing I love more than being able to chop the beautiful blooming flowers and dot them around the house! They’re just so pretty!!!!

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