12 Baby Products YOU should use


As i am most of the day busy with my baby that is 7 weeks old, i spent a lot of time around baby products. You will be surprised to see that they are not only for baby use. Since they have less chemicals and processed ingredients they are sometimes better and safer for your skin, does not matter what age. The creams and shampoos i use for my baby ended up being the products i use too, since i like the smell and it makes my skin way softer than all the other products out there. For all those mom’s out there that have basket and shelves full of baby stuff, this is for you:)

1. Baby Vaseline
Vaseline itself is one of the most used ointment ever. This particular one is for baby’s, the only difference is that it comes in a petite version and not in a bulky big one. Which i like, since i could take it along wherever i go and especially winter time i put it on my face or cracked lips.

2. Musti Parfume
I use this to freshen up the house. I spritz it on my linen and whenever there is a bad smell. It has this instant fresh scent that is not over powering like the usual perfumes

3. Baby Oil
Believe it or not i use this one for shaving. Do not laugh, it works wonders! Not only does it make my legs way more silky it makes the hair grow less fast. And since it is oily everything is more smoother and you are less likely to cut yourself.

4. Burt’s Bees baby cream
I am a huge fan of the company Burt’s bees, they make the best creams ever. They are pure natural and 100% organic.
This particular one i literally use every day for a soft, smooth skin.

5. Eucerien baby eczema relief.
Winter time is a time for eczema; a more drastic version of dry skin. Use this and you will not have this problem again!

6. Burt’s Bees  baby face  and hand cloths
I take this along when i go out and use it to freshen up and clean my hands. It has Aloe and Vitamin E.

7. Aquaphor baby healing ointment
For dry, cracked and irritated skin. I use this  for all my skin issues, it immediately restores dry skin and is very skin friendly

8. Mustela baby body lotion
My all time favorite. The smell is divine and the texture is not too oily and thick like all the other body lotions. I love using it before i go to sleep and smell this heaven scent all night.

9. Aveeno baby sun protection
Perfect for sun protection. It is fragrance free and waterproof with soothing oatmeal which prevents moisture loss.

10. Burt’s bees baby bubble bath
Love this one! it makes tons of bubbles and is tear -chemical free. And not to forget the heaven smell of a summer garden.

11. Aveeno baby foaming wash and shampoo
Perfect all in one shampoo. I love the light and fluid texture of it and i do not feel like my hair get’s damaged by all the heavy chemicals shampoos usually have. This one is pure organic.

12. Baby Powder
Now i am sure you all know that baby powder is a multifunctional product. I use it mostly as a dry shampoo. If i do not have time to wash and blow-dry my hair, i put some baby powder in my hands and go through my hair with it. It gives a nice refreshed look.

Do you use any of those products? Do you have other baby products you use on yourself? Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “12 Baby Products YOU should use

  1. jassy says:

    Great post. Thanks for the reminder about baby powder for dry shampoo in a pinch. I tried shaving with baby oil and I found it made a mess of my razor. Have you had this experience?

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