Girl Crush

Kate Bosworth turned 32 last week which makes my crush on her even bigger, seeing how awesomly young she always looks. She is definitly my all time favourite fashion inspiration. Kate is the “girl next door” type of person but with tonz of chic and class. And let’s not oversee all her modest looks she regularly pulls of with a lasting wow effect. Despite a growing reputation as one of Hollywood’s most glamorous women, she has proved her girl side with the role, saying: “I am more of a jeans and T-shirt, bit of moisturiser, bit of chap-stick, ready-to-go kind of girl.”
She is not only famous for her acting career but also has her own fashion jewelry line designed with friend and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter, called JewelMint, which launched in October 2010. She is the face of many ad campaigns like coach and calvin klein and her fab dress codes are regularly on front page fashion magazines. I love the way she dresses so easy and simple yet always leaves a bold and chic impression. She is THE girl behind the famous line “less is more”!
Which one of her outfits do you like the most?











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