New year, new start!

Hello my friends,

It has been a long while! But as they say 2015 is here for the bigger and better, so i decided to take the “new years resolutions” excuse to start again and this time with some more experience and ideas.
2014 has been a big roller-coaster of happiness for me since i got married, moved across the ocean and gave birth to my beautiful baby boy. It is funny how i started of this blog as a single girl very fresh and young and now i could call myself a mom. I thought i know what life is all about and that i have it all figured out, but boy was i mistaken. The minute i held my baby boy in my arms for the first time, THAT’S when i started living, feeling and growing into a person i hardly recognize. It is has been hard to get through my days without yawning every minute and being bound at home doing mundane things like changing diapers, so that is why i thought of really putting myself into my blog which i started purely out of passion for fashion and beauty, hoping to get a boost of it and feeling less housewife and more glam girl. I think alot of mommy’s could feel along with me, there is just so much to do and think of when you have a child that is dependent on you and sometimes it could feel quiet overwhelming and there is no way to avoid feeling not so glam at all. So hopefully this blog is a place where you could get that little “pick-me up” full of sparkle and chicness.


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