How to rock the color green

Hey Lovely’s

I know it has been a long time but i have been and still am in mids of my wedding preps. 6 Weeks to go…!!! yeahhh. But since yesterday i got a cute message on my instagram account from an admirer, telling me she loves my blog,  i decided to blog today. I must say it is really hard sometimes, to even do that what you love;)
I am glad and happy that i can add some spice and poshness here and there and i will keep on trying to be more regular:)

So for today’s topic i chose the colour green. After having a crazy week behind me i somehow chose a green top for myself today. Somehow it put me more into a relaxing but still very elegant mood. Green really suits anyone, the question is just what shade of it. The more darker shades, like emerald or deep forest green are for types with dark hair and medium to darker skin. Shades like mint green, suit best the people with  light/blonde hair and lighter skin. I still very much believe anyone can rock any  color of green.
Green is a hit by many fashion designers and at the same time one of my must have’s.

Check it out and have fun trying it out.

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Carolina Herrera


Shop this skirt HERE


Monique Lhuillier


Rocco Barocco

Burrbery Prorsum
Shop skirt HERE

Shop this skirt HERE


Let me know what you think
Happy Monday to all

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