How to trend the ballerina style

Hey everyone,

Have you ever dreamed of wearing a pink cute tutu and feeling all ballerina style? I have. Now don’t worry girls, i am not trying to convince you to walk down the streets in a tutu, but something similar. A tull skirt became THE trend. Evertime i come across someone wearing it, it is a WOW effect.  Wearing a tull skirt is really taking the whole skirt thing up to a higher level. Try pairing it up with a simple pullover or T-shirt and you will love your mirror reflection. I am in love with this style, and i have picked out for you some super cute tull skirts to try out. For the cold weather season don’t hesitate to wrap a scarf or piece of fur around your neck, you pretty much got your statement look covered.

Check it out:)







Buy similar skirt HERE and HERE

Have fun restyling. Until next time



6 thoughts on “How to trend the ballerina style

    • Toby says:

      aww thank you so much! it is nice to hear that! it is my main goal to make modest fashion looking like fun fun fun;) hang around to see more! lots of love

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