Deep Purple Trend (a la vamp)

Hey beautifuls,

Sunday is the day i always like to put in more effort in my make up and less in my clothing. After getting all preppy all week i like to have my sunday more casual. So here comes in the lipstick to pop it all up. Fall hues are awesome to get a more glam look to your casual outfit. I like to take a darker shade these days to put in some warmth and depth into my face. Go for some deep purple or cherry, u will love it. I recently tried out “Tom Ford” and it became my obsession.
I use the color “bruised plum” and im in love with the effect it gives me. Go for it the vamp style!

Check out my choice of colours.

red lips

Tom ford lipstick

Hourglass Cosmetics lip gloss makeup
$34 –

Forever 21 lip gloss

Have fun experimenting! After all, they say “lipstick is your most powerful accessoire” 
If you are having a bad hair day or bad everything day ( like one of those upcoming mondays) pepp it up with some lipstick, trust me it works wonders on you.
xx- toby

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