Fall flowers and how to wear it

Good day all,

As im walking down the streets here in switzerland, all i see are tree full of vibrant leaves. Leaves in all possible colors are falling down and are being swirled around. the fall season has officialy started, the sky is blue, the weather is crisp and the colors are so powerful. How about bringing all that into your wardrbe? Since this week im all in flower spirit let me show you how to convey this seasons weather into real fashion. They say inspiraion can come from anywhere, today it’s the weather.








Is it a dress, a skirt. a hair accessoire or a lipstick color, you can bring in fall into any part of your wardrobe.

Here my Idea of wearing a flower fall top.


photo 2(1)

photo 2photo 5

flower top (zara), black skirt, flower necklace (forever21), pink scarf (zara), bracelets (Sal Y Limon)

Shop scarf HERE, shop top HERE



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