I Love…I Heart…

As you have seen today’s topic is all about love. now dont worry, im not going to talk about some love romance, my blog is after all about fashion. Monday’s are not really my favourite day of the week, actually i really hate mondays. i think i am not the only one thinking along that line, and  i have a lot of people backing me up on this one:)
ok, back to fashion. the question is;
Can you bring some more love into your mondays?
Guess what! you CAN! and you can even be very trendy and up to date at the same time. Take a look at this year’s Burberry Fall Fashion show, its all about hearts…!



Style icon- Alexa Chung is wearing it too…



I guess wearing your heart on on your sleeves is pretty much in trend, and gives your monday a dose of love. So why not try it out. Make  the heart trend your own style. You can wear it as a accesoire or as a top.
Here some ideas.


To shop some lovely “LOVE” tops and clothing pieces click HERE

Enjoy you monday, and maybe your next one will be spiced up with some of your new “love” purches.



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