Spice it up

Good morning all,

Wow. im so thrilled to finally post my first new fashion post. Todays Post is all about how to put some spice into our casual clothing to either make a statement look or just to feel more a la vogue. Personally, by the time thursday comes around i find my spirits for daily dress up slowly subsiding. Especially in today’s autumn days, where one doesn’t really know what to wear and is unsure of how to walk out of the house. Here come’s the tirick. I take any casual, comfy top and add any kind of cool accesoires to it. this includes sunnys, boots, bold lipstick, statement earrings, seriously aynthing i find to add to my casual look.

A posh fur scarf to a simple top


A bold necklace to a simple T-shirt


A cool hat to complete the look


Some cool bangles and jewelry to a comfy pullover


…anything to make you feel comfy but at the same time stylish.

Accesoires are my favourite clothing piece

Of course some people just always look fabulous no matter what they are wearing,

for those who do not include themselves in that category ( me included ) i find accessoires a very helpful trick to achieve the “not trying to hard” and  “natural fashionista” look. And of course do not forget to wear your best piece of accessoires ALL the time. your smile!!


Have fun spicing it up;)



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